I’m Praveen Ponraj; I founded Net Positive Photography to fund my wildlife conservation and forest protection expeditions.

Monica and I fondly call ourselves “That Sustainable Couple”. We even have an Instagram page with that name where we share about our sustainability journey! That’s why my email ID is praveen@thatsustainablecouple.ca. We’re passionate about solving the climate crisis, minimalism, sustainable food system, nature, and art. We try our best to walk the talk by quitting a highly paid capitalistic job, running small social enterprises (i will share more about this below), supporting permaculture farms, buying local, riding a bike to work, travelling in our electric car (named Orca), wearing the same set of clothes for years, eating climate-friendly food, and offsetting our emissions. Every penny we earn through our professional service fee is spent to create positive impacts on people and nature.

Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher resting on a coffee plant indicates the bio-diversity friendliness of the coffee farm. I shot this photo in Pazhani Malai, India.

I have been practicing photography as a part-time profession since 2012. However, a life-changing event occurred in 2019 when I discovered the powerful impact of coffee on the world’s forests. As a tropical plant, coffee can either positively or negatively affect the rich tropical forest biodiversity, including the lives of birds, animals, insects, plants, mushrooms, and indigenous people. Since then, I have dedicated my life to using coffee and conservation photography as a force to protect remaining old-growth forests and influence the global economy to reforest deforested lands. Although I have the willpower to do the necessary work, I realized that I need funding to work efficiently. Therefore, whenever I am in Canada, I raise funds for my expeditions primarily by offering pet photography services and rarely food and yoga photoshoots.

Some of my works